Stickman Escape Parkour

If you love obstacle course games. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the online game Stickman Escape Parkour. You will be able to have a lot of fun in your way. You will conquer many challenges in this game. Step into the story and explore the mysterious elements in this game. Scientists create racers with special abilities to use in races. Get out of the lab with these racers.

There will be many difficult obstacles. Master these obstacles and reach the portal. Imagine scientists who are researching and building robots in a laboratory. It has all the necessary elements to be able to fight and run fast in the challenge. Today, it's time to test how effective it is. You can get started right away with those games. Control the robot to run fast and overcome many obstacles of this game. Sharp obstacles, very high stairs require the character to run fast.

Accept all the challenges and join the Stickman Escape Parkour online game. Start with fun and relaxing gameplay! Do you want to get off to a good start? Run fast with your friends. Drive our three characters to the finish line with ease. Flexible and agile gameplay. You can shine. Take over the game with lots of new things. If you want to try? Don't miss the chance to do this! Graphics are very eye-catching, you will be hooked. Stay away from all the sharp spikes, it can hurt you.

Become a great athlete! In a dark and scary maze. The road will be the only escape. Look for the exit door at the end of the road. Good luck! If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Spidey Man Rescue Online 

Instruction to play

Player 1 uses the W key

Player 2 uses the space key

Player 3 uses the M key

Player 4 uses the up arrow key.