Leap Parking

Hello, my friend, this is really a fun parking game, by attempting to control pressure and direction, leave the car in a specified location, of course, don't lose sight of the fact to capture yellow stars, they could indeed bring you more gold income, to upgrade your cars, to get through game levels more easily. If you can finalize all of the levels with 3 stars, this game is probably caused for you. Try it, my good buddy!

Simple gameplay, eye-catching graphics, vivid sound. Everything is perfect for you so you can experience it. What are you waiting for? If you love this game, you can play some more games like Cycle Sprint.

Instruction to play

Operation mode:

1. Tap the screen to select a direction.

2. The distance between the mouse pointer and the car indicates the force. The greater the distance, the greater the force.

3. After releasing the mouse, the car will move according to the force and direction.

4. Control the car to stop at the designated position,we will win.