Bridge Water Rush

Bridge Water Rush online game is an addictive water bridge racing casual arcade game. Build your bridge over the water by competing with others. Collect purple wooden strips and transport them to lanes for auto building. The fastest player wins. You can finish first with your speed. Let's challenge. Good luck. You will play hard with your efforts to get a lot of purple wood pellets and start building the bridge.

Great! Forging games give players many skills to explore and choose a lot of convenient locations to practice them. You will need to work hard to compete with other players nearby and make more amazing discoveries. You will experience success in these missions. We will do well.

Experience the Bridge Water Rush online game. You'll be in great shape! We will conquer each level together. Your task is very simple. You will collect wooden strips and piggyback on your back. When the target is reached, you will move to the position of the empty bridge to be able to fill the wooden strips on the bridge steps. And all will turn purple. You succeeded and reached the finish line! Everything is very simple.

As long as you focus on moving and searching and collecting as many wooden strips, you will have a faster chance of success. However, it is necessary to be faster and faster than the opponent to finish the level as soon as possible. If you want to try more games, why not try some other games like Bubble Block Breaker 

Instruction to play

Touch screen or use mouse.