Rhino Rush Stampede

If you love Rhino Rush Stampede online game don't miss the time to play it. Very engaging and interesting. Start quickly to control the character in this game. The game will just begin and you can completely feel it. Together we will explore the farm with lots of interesting fruits and vegetables. Don't hesitate and our first day will be something very special.

Imagine you are on a small farm. You will have fun with your friends. They are stacking a lot of farms on the road, your task is to pick up all of them and store them in storage. Are you ready to do that task? Very fun and enjoyable, right? We absolutely can. You need to be focused to use the jump for this job. Clear the way for this addictive and exciting new adventure in Rhino Rush Stampede.

Our little blue friend is back and it's going to be fun. You will control your character to jump high and hit the available fruit shapes. Just jump fast to collect lots of fruit. However, on the way there are some places full of obstacles, you need to concentrate to be able to jump over them. You need to jump fast and accurately or you will have to play again. Collecting many fruits will allow you to buy many more useful items.

Are you ready for this game? Get started with your friends on some other games similar to Balloon Run. More fun! 

Instruction to play

Use mouse or touch screen to play.