Pixel Art 3d

Many online game players worldwide have chosen Pixel Art 3d at https://kizigames.games/ to overcome challenges and explore new gaming spaces. If you love color and want to complete your task when color blocks pixels, you can start with the first level in this particular game.

We help you discover a new world that you can complete with the most special skills. This game has a lot of different levels and gameplay. Your task is to discover them in your free time to relax and achieve the highest score without being bothered by any factor. Ads will not appear in this game. Instead, you just need to select the image you want to color and then arrange them in the pixel world perfectly.

All players choose the most interesting games with different ways of playing. The theme you choose is constantly updated with the latest games. You can play the game anytime and get ready with your special journey. Players around the world have free gaming opportunities with the games they have chosen to relax in their free time especially this 3d game.

A new space appears in front of the player and you have the opportunity to share the game with all your friends or players who are looking for the simplest game to relax when having free time. Start your trip until you complete all the challenges and join other similar games with this game like Tower Ball 3D and Magic Piano

Instruction to play

Use the left mouse button to color 3d pixel blocks and perfect them with the color you have chosen