Party Cat

The weekend is here. Do you want to have some fun? Let’s invite some friends and throw a party. However, the house is messy and dirty. Why don’t you clean up first? Help our lovely cat clean all the rooms of the house and have some fun together. Here, your mission is to swipe to move the cat to clean up every single tile in each room.

Interestingly, this game does not require the player to complete each level in a certain number of moves or a certain amount of time, so you can play at your pace. Use the furniture to stop the cat and change the direction. Easy to control and addicting gameplay, who doesn’t love this game when finishing the first level? You will hook in these puzzles and keep playing until the final level for sure.

On, the cat sits on a robot vacuum and this cat cannot complete the task without your help. Observe the move and take action preciously to make all tiles shining. Do not leave any dirty tiles because just one dirty leaf behind, you can’t move to the next level and the party can’t start. As you level up, you will find this mission become more challenging and you have to think to find out the fastest way to clean up everything.

Hurry up and enjoy the party before a new week comes. There are several games similar to this one available on our site. Give these following options a try anytime: Arctic Pong and Cheese Route 

Instruction to play

Use your mouse to move.