Rotated Dots

Do you want to experience more new things when participating in the online game Rotated Dots at Kizi skill games. Some great things are waiting for you. What would you do to practice this well? Do you want to do new things? What are you waiting for? Begin to experience a lot of new things to be quite disruptive and practice very new skills. You will love it the first time you play it.

Let's start to be on the list of best players. Want to participate and have better things. To win in this game, you must understand their rules. Try this HTML5 mouse skill game. This game trains your reaction. You must shoot the center dots of the same color. If you mark the dot with the wrong color, you will lose. You have very little time to shoot and the direction you have to shoot at randomly changes colored dots. The puzzles of this game will make players feel stressed.

Do you want to be doing better? You will have to be very agile and skillful to play this game. On the screen will be blue and pink squares. You will be provided at random and any other square in another position. You need to join a given square and a random square of the same color. If you choose the correct match, they touch each other you will get points. Just like that and play the game.

You will do it well and you will feel very happy while playing this game. Start playing the game Rotated Dots online. Join a few other games similar to Endless Spinning

Instruction to play

Use the mouse.