Basketball Stars

I once dreamed of becoming a basketball player and being able to conquer all the basketball rankings in the world. Would you like to join me? Explore Basketball Stars at Sports Games and we'll have a good time together. This game can be played alone or with teammates. So you will not be bored when you have to play with the computer or unfamiliar players. You can also choose tournament mode or random matches to show off your talents. In this game, you will play the role of a professional player and your task is to throw the ball into the basket and pass the opponent on the field.

Your opponent will constantly attack and try to steal the ball as fast as possible. Therefore, you need to observe carefully and find the right distance to throw the ball into the basket. Each match has a fixed time, so you need to get as many points as possible to pass before the time ends. Your opponents are also professional basketball players so you need to pay close attention and play seriously. The speed of the game will be faster when you overcome the opponents in the first matches. This is a very fun and exciting battle, because you will find a lot of fun with your teammates as well as practice many different skills such as observing, throwing the ball or calculating situations. Are you ready to explore Basketball Stars at... with your close friends? Or do you dare to play with me? Show your skills and join me in conquering some basketball games similar to Basketball Challenge and Basket Shot Master.

Instruction to play

You can use the arrow buttons to control the basketball character. in the game. Up arrows to move or jump, Arrow down to block or pump, X to steal or shoot, Z to supershot.