Run Boys

Run Boys is a perfect Kizi action game for those who are looking for a challenging yet addicting game in which you guys will compete against other online players. This game features 2 game modes. One called Plush Run brings you the same experience as Fall Guys and another one named Adventure takes you on an endless adventure in which you can earn coins to play the previous game mode. Plush Run has 5 rounds and each round is a challenge in which you compete against other players to be in the top 15 or 20 qualified players to move to the next round.

You not only need to be fast but also skillful to pass each challenge. If you’re too slow, you will be left behind by other players. If you lose in any round, you have to come back to the first round and spend a certain number of coins to play over again. You can earn coins by killing monsters in the Adventure game. There, you will go through several gates and before starting a new battle, you can choose one power-up from 3 available options.

They give you an advantage over enemies. For example, Energy Spheres rotate around you, Heal +100 or Heal + 200 increases health by 100 or 200, Major Damage Boost increases the damage, Back Shot shoots an additional shot backward, Shield rotates around you, Poison Spheres and Fire Spheres rotate around you, Maximum Health increases your maximum hit points, Frost Spheres rotate around you, Dianol Shots shoot additional shot to diagonals. Coins also are used to buy new characters in the store as well. What more are you looking for? Dig into this action-packed online game now and check out other cool choices at sports games such as Basketball Stars and Basketball Challenge.

Instruction to play

Arrow keys to move and Space to jump.