Spider Boy Run

Spider Boy Run is an awesome fast-paced runner game in which you help Spiderman upgrade his skills and lead him to the furthest in his running adventure. It’s a great night and he wants to want to train his skills by jumping from rooftop to rooftop at increasing speed. He needs your guidance. You just need to tap or click to make him jump over the gap between two houses and obstacles on the rooftops. He won’t die if you crash into any obstacles but he will lose 10 coins. Timing your action to dodge obstacles to keep your coins safe.

Spiderman only loses his life if he falls when jumping over the gap. He auto-runs ahead and his running speed increases over time. In this kizigames.games action game, after a while, you will get a wooden loot box and a golden loot box. Open these boxes and you will get some skill cards such as Webster Salto, Fold Flip, Dash Vault, Swallow, Rocket Vault, Double Back, Back Flip Front Flip cards, and more. Then, you can combine 3 identical cards to upgrade a skill. Until a skill is upgraded to level 3, Spiderman can perform that movement while running.

You will see the white arrows and when Spiderman meets that arrow, you click or tap to perform the action corresponding to that skill. You can earn coins in 4 ways including getting a daily reward, running as far as possible, performing actions, and clearing 150 achievements. Coins are used to buy new outfits for Spiderman. Have a great running adventure and you can challenge your skills in other fun games at sports games like Basketball Stars and Run Boys.

Instruction to play