Beer Slide

Enjoy exciting obstacle games right now by joining the online game Beer Slide now. You will do it well. Do you want to experience many new things? You will love the first time playing. You will do well in everything. Your task is quite simple. Find a way to control the beer jumping over obstacles along the way. That is the rule of the game. If you fail, you will have to play from the beginning.

An endless skating game. Slide the beer down the table. Jump over obstacles and don't spill your drink. Glasses of beer accelerate and decelerate randomly over time, to help you feel confident and easy. Fans of beer and other beverage-related games will love this. Drinks can be replaced by other graphics like wine, cider, liquor, or anything else. What are you waiting for?

Start the adventure with a fun beer on the road. Remove all obstacles to jump over easily. You can do all those tasks and you will have no problem thinking too much. Enjoy the thrill of having beer jump over other objects. Experience these things is quite fascinating. You can win with this simple recipe. Cheerful beer mugs will overcome all obstacles and levels of the game. You will do well.

We believe in your abilities. You will gain points in this game. More interesting when playing the online game Beer Slide. If you love this game, you can play some other similar games like Island Survival 3D and Word Link. You will have lots of time to relax. relax in life. 

Instruction to play

Use the mouse.