Tour Of The Santa Claus

Santa's tour is being carried out in this game by all the images and games given to you. This is a jigsaw puzzle but with a lot of colorful colors as well as great images that the game brings. You will be addicted from the first time you join. Let's get started now on the game Tour Of The Santa Claus at Kizi games. You start with a level game that will give the picture of a Santa Claus and a reindeer. Can you imagine what this picture is showing?

Arrange and link all the pieces together to form a complete picture. There are a lot of pieces that are being jumbled up. So it's difficult for you to put them into these squares and form a complete picture like the original. Use your smart brain to be able to memorize and visualize which piece is placed in the most correct position. Make a perfect puzzle with these pieces.

Take them to the places that feel right for you. This one game doesn't ask you on time. No need to worry too much just focus on each piece. Then take it to where you feel it's most deserving. Get yourself a lot of gifts from the game. Experience these 30 pictures of Santa's tour. Unlock from level 1 for the most exciting tour ever. Drag and drop to be able to control the most precise pieces.

Why don't you invite your friends to participate in such an attractive game Tour Of The Santa Claus so that together you can learn more about the works of Santa Claus. You can experience in addition to a few other similar interesting game genres like Draw Defense  

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to move all the puzzle pieces most accurately.