Fishing Duels

Fishing Duels at Kizi online is a two-player multiplayer match-3 game on the ocean floor! A sharp eye and a strategic approach are required to prove yourself the best fisherman while participating in Fishing Duels adventures! Floating on the board are slightly overweight orange fish and other crabbing items. Collecting those fish and beating your opponent in the face score will give you an amazing fishy victory!

Each Fishing Duels board can even have up to 81 cells. Each cell may house a fish or perhaps another object. The first player to collect the required quantity of fish wins. Fish can be collected by either vertically or horizontally switching and matching three or greater of them. A variety of fishing items, including floating markers, brackets, rods, wormbaits, and basket traps, can always be collected and used to obtain in-game power ups.

Beginners are given 200 transistors and can bet as little as 10 chips at a time. Because they will be depleted quickly, you must consistently replenish your supplies. This can only be managed to accomplish through deft, deliberate play. The higher the rate, the larger this same winnings; however, there is always the possibility of losing all that. How do I join the game? - It couldn't be simpler. You must fill out the registration forms with your name, password, and email address before you can begin exploring the game space. Another option is to log in through a social network, which appears to be an even easier and faster option. Characteristics of the game!

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