Train Surfers

Why a game with gameplay simply about endless running and avoiding obstacles like Subway Surfers is so famous? It’s too popular, then many games have the same gameplay are releases and Train Surfers is one of them. Here at Kizi adventures, you once again help a girl run through the subway to escape from the security who is chasing her behind. You have to avoid hitting obstacles and oncoming trains. If you hit a barrier in an accident, the distance from the girl to the security will shorten, and at some point, the girl will be caught.

Therefore, you need to be focused to help this girl safe from any danger. Moving to the left, moving to the right, sliding under the barriers, and jumping over obstacles is what you have to do all the time. Time your action correctly to not to end up with an unexpected accident. You make the girl move also to collect coins and some special items that can make you run faster, collect more coins, fly with a jetpack, and more. So what about coins? What are coins used for?

Like other endless runner games, this game also offers upgrades. You get 2 types of items including Single Use items and upgrades. When you get a Single Use item, you can only use it once each turn. When you buy upgrades of an item that you collect while running, the duration of that item will last longer.

This gives you a huge advantage. Because your goal is to run as far as possible, you can reach that goal easier with power-ups. Good luck and enjoy your free time in other fun games such as Subway Squid and Pretty Tiles

Instruction to play

Arrow keys to play.