Ghost Wiper

Control two brothers so you can find a lot of interesting things that you have never had before. The game will always bring you a sense of adventure. A phone call has changed your mind. The voice on the phone indicates that the house is haunted. Can you bravely explore this house with your brother? Stepping on you will immediately feel a gloomy feeling. You will follow this mysterious house so you can experience the most adventurous feeling. The room is like a maze.

Move slowly to avoid the pitfalls in this room. A lot of ghosts are appearing around you. Be very careful in every step. Take decisive action to best avoid bad things happening. If you are unlucky enough for you to touch these ghosts’ bad things will happen. The house has countless mysteries that you will encounter. You need to clean this house clean and by the requirements of the owner.

But you will encounter difficulties that hinder your work like mysterious creatures in the house and traps. A lot of the riddles you need to solve. Are you worried about any difficult puzzles? Numerous obstacles and challenges ahead you need to overcome. Be brave with your decisions. Everything you will do when you have your observation and your intellect. Apply what you learn in your office.

All of those great things are unique to the game Ghost Wiper. It's great to share this game with your friends. Along with your friends, more challenges come to this adventure and horror mission. Enjoy a few other similar difficult game genres like Dinosaurs Survival Active Vulcan Multiplayer and Defense Battle 

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys to perform your task.