Tug The Table

Tug The Table at Kizi for free is a simple but extremely addictive game because of its fascinating gameplay. When starting to come to this game you can completely play this game for free in your browser. Are you ready? At the beginning of the game, you will have the opportunity to choose your playroom, depending on your preference, choose a playroom in which you want to challenge yourself.

Then you will choose a table, there are many other tables. Finally, you choose a funny-looking character, like a batman, shining armor knight or looking like a naked old man, picking a stage and a table... Your task in this game is to pull the table to save it on your ground.

It sounds simple, right? But your opponent is also very clever, so to be able to pull the table towards you is not a simple thing. You need to equip yourself with those skills that are observation skills and are smart in controlling the table and dragging so much to your ground for the shortest time. If you let the opponent pull the table towards them several times, your game will end.

Let's discover more things in the game Tug The Table. Don't keep these great things for yourself to share the joys with your friends and invite your friends to join the game so you can have moments of relaxation together. What do you think if you can participate in some kind of games such as 12 MiniBattles and Cricket World Cup

Instruction to play

Arrow up / W to play.