Squid 2 Glass Bridge

With great feelings, you will make many new things when playing the online game Squid 2 Glass Bridge at game kizi. Get caught up in the game full of surprises. Moving on the safety glass bridge is really difficult. You will be fascinated while playing. What is your mission? You have to find the right glasses on the challenging glass bridge and cross it.

You must follow the green path shown to player 456 to select the correct glass block. Also, if you can't get to the other side within the allotted time, the game is over. You can improve your memory by having fun with 50 different levels. Grab your attention and start playing now to get to the other side without breaking the glass!

Enjoy the Squid 2 Glass Bridge online game now at free games kizi. You will enjoy playing the game that combines many interesting skills. First, you and the players will appear to start crossing the glass bridge. Before you start, look at the glass panes, they will only show green once for you to remember. Those are the safety glasses. You need to control player 456 to follow the correct position, you will surely pass the challenge. If you do not observe the right and wrong way, your character will fall down and end the game.

Each level will be a fun puzzle, you need to solve them delicately. Get started now! Discover a lot of those unique things. Develop your agility playing some other games similar to EvoHero - Idle Gladiators .

Instruction to play

Select the glass that you will go to by left clicking.