Panda Legend

Are you looking for a puzzle game with a fighting element? Then, Panda Legend is an ideal choice for you. Why? It has the gameplay of a classic match-3 puzzle game combined with an action game that you rarely find at puzzle games. Here, you help your panda to defeat other online players from all over the world. All you need to do is to match more than 3 identical elements to attack. Depending on the elements that you match, you can attack, heal, or more because each element has a unique effect. That’s why you should plan your moves before taking action. You can attack your rival with different skills such as Blade Storm, Shuriken, Club, Dice, Windmill, Frying Pan, Assist II, and so on. You can unlock new skills over time when your panda is leveled up. You can also upgrade those skills.

Before searching for an opponent, you can choose 2 perks from several options to use in the battle such as Copy Magic summons the Panda Spirit to copy some of the elements, Set Meal summons the Panda Spirit to charge 2 common elements into special ones, Psychic Hand automatically performs up to 2 removals, Teleport swaps 2 chosen elements in the removal area, Column removes all elements in the chosen column, Magic Wand summons the Panda Spirit to remove 5-7 elements of a random color, Rocket summons the Panda Spirit to change 2 common elements into lightning ones, Broomstick summons the Panda Spirit to move elements of a random color to the right, and more. By defeating enemies, you will clear many achievements and claim rewards. This game is sure to keep you hooked for hours the same as other kizi puzzle games such as Fruit Lines and Wild West Freecell.

Instruction to play