Orc Invasion

Cruel monsters are coming and breaking your base. Do not let this happen. Join the game Orc Invasion to stop them. Feel free to join this free online game on your computer and mobile browsers. You will stand on your base and use the position of the approaching monsters. They also have lots of weapons. They appeared in large numbers, one team after another. So how can you protect your goal?

It requires you to be observant and very smart in the fight. Archery is very accurate and realizes the help that the game offers that is fire, bow and arrow, and your army. If you feel too difficult. Use this help to keep your base. These monsters are very ferocious so you should be careful and fight them. Very quick reflexes are essential in this challenge. The game requires time, you just need to be slow and let the monsters break the base, and you will have to stop the game.

Do not let this happen, but try to fight hard to eliminate these evil monsters. The number of assistance is limited; please take advantage of it at the right opportunity. All of that is unique in the challenge of the game Orc Invasion. It will be fun to share this game with your friends.

Let's invite your friends to challenge now to the game to start the fiercest battle with the army of monsters. Why don't you challenge yourself to join some other interesting game genres like Nova Defender and Gladiator Wars Memory 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to bombard all monsters.