The plane is flying at a very fast speed. Your first job is to keep it balanced and able to go on the most accurate path. You need to carry passengers from one airport to another and park them safely. Can you be confident about being able to do all these things?

Join this mission with an extremely funny mind in the game Fly THIS. You will control an extremely huge plane and perform excellent missions. Try to draw the most accurate flight path and dodge countless pitfalls on this path like birds and other opponents' planes. If there is a collision, you will have to stop the game at any time. Gives you a lot but a high amount of money every time you get a passenger to a safe station.

Take the giver to the sky in this race against time as the safest passenger by drawing flight paths and avoiding collisions. Solve all the best puzzles in this game and find yourself the high coins you get back. How many different passengers you can carry depends on how many passengers show up. Try to create the most accurate flight paths and dodge the countless surrounding traps that are rushing towards you.

Quickly invite your friends to join this game Fly THIS! at so that you can relive all the stress and unlock more fun when flying the planes. Discover a few more similar plane game genres like Battboy Adventure

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to draw as many precise flight paths as possible.