Getting Over It

Do you love adventure games? You will feel that it is very wonderful. If you are ready, what are you waiting for? Experience the online game Getting Over It at kizi cool fun games. You will do well with all that. We all adventure together in an adventure game full of new challenges. Learn the rules of the game and start them. Getting Over It is a fun free game. The mountain is no longer high so you can climb to the top!

Grandpa wants to go to the top of the mountain. Can you help him? Although his health is high, he still wants to conquer it. Those challenges do not frighten them. How will you get through the fastest? You need to use a lot of skills in this game. The character will hold an ax. They would throw the ax against the ledge so that the ax would hold on. Just like that and climb to the top of the mountain.

You will feel a lot of interesting things. Those cliffs were suspended on two high cliffs. You need to adjust the character extremely skillfully to be able to properly touch those positions. Just a small mistake, you will cause your grandfather to fall to the ground. Would you like to do better? The game is fun and you will be the glorious finish. We believe you will do it well. You can completely experience and become a mountain climbing hero.

Intelligent graphic design, very vivid images. In the high mountains there are pictures of clouds that look very interesting. Join the online game Getting Over It at and start some other games similar to Candy Monster Kid and Thunder Plane

Instruction to play

Use the AD key to play the game.