Cowboy Adventures

Zombies are bad and troublesome names. They don't want to let the city be at peace. Enjoy Cowboy Adventures now ... Help the heroic cop of the city defeat all the zombies that are heading to this territory. You will love it the first time you play it. You will feel very interesting while playing this game. What are you waiting for? Get started now to discover more! The mission begins!

The rules of the game will be the key to performing a lot of this game's missions. Near a small town in the Wild West, a horde of zombies appeared. You in the game Cowboy Adventures will have to help the brave sheriff fight and destroy them. Your cowboy will run forward in a certain location. On its way, it will fall to the ground and other obstacles. You will have to make your hero jump through all dangerous areas at speed.

As soon as you see a zombie or another monster, unleash the blizzard of fire from the weapon. Ammo falling on a monster will damage and destroy them. You will play in a city near the mountains. You will feel many new things and surprises when playing. Many dangers are stalking you, you have to play alone and fight everything. There are always threats above and below. Be very careful to fulfill your task. Vivid graphic design makes you feel very attractive.

The game will make you join the Cowboy Adventures online game. Enjoy some other games similar to Awareness Game: The Robot Bar. Invite your friends to join the game and you will feel very fun and relaxing. 

Instruction to play

Use arrow keys to move, Spacebar to shoot or touch buttons on the screen.