Battboy Adventure

Adventure and intelligence are what you need to get in this game Battboy Adventure. This is an adventure game full of deadly traps and requires you to be very differentiated. Are you confident you can overcome it all? Be a hero with the most perfect skills. Do interesting things in the game. You can fly high or perform with lots of different actions in this one exciting mission.

Because this is an adventure game that has gaps. You need to jump high up on the roads to help you safely reach the finish line. There is a jagged piece you need to dodge as quickly as possible. If you hit this nail pit you will have to use the game. If your path is too dangerous, you need to do the swing action. Then jump to another wall to make you even safer. The game has a lot of monsters you should use weapons to destroy.

You need to climb the rope very high to the most difficult position to collect all three stars that the game requires. Then your chance of winning the challenge is very much. Some enemies are using weapons. You need to attack them first and master this adventure. Otherwise, you can be hit and killed at any time. Become a hero from a beautiful background by the colorful art animation that the game brings.

Have fun with your friends join now in the game Battboy Adventure to transform into the most professional heroes ever. Do a few more stunts in other similar game genres like Ben 10 Super Slash

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys to control the flying hero.