Ben 10 Super Slash

Transform into an extremely famous hero cartoon character that is Ben 10 in the game Ben 10 Super Slash. You will start with this character to make an extremely interesting adventure in the factory space. You can go on an adventure run and find yourself glowing orbs to reach the finish line and unlock levels.

On this road is not easy you need to observe and collect all the money diamonds and countless other useful items to help you unlock more great things. But there will be deadly traps. There will be monsters appearing on the way to hinder you. You need to jump high and dodge them. If you run into them you will lose your life. Don't let this happen it will make you a failure.

Let's focus on the game running at a dizzying speed. Control your speed well by reflexes every time you fold this avenger. Knockdown with your wisdom. Be careful ahead and find a safe place to move. Those are the great things that you have to do in this game. Give yourself the most adventurous races in the game. Jump high and find your destination safely and return to the finish line.

Jump high to hit this glowing ball it's the best place you can reach in the game Ben 10 Super Slash. It's funny that you can invite your friends to join this game to start together on the most exciting racing adventure ever. Such a great game genre you up join another similar game like Idle Lumberjack 3D

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys to control your Ben 10 character to go on an excellent adventure.