Chick Chicken Connect

Conquer many exciting challenges when participating in Chick Chicken Connect online game. Get started now and share the fun with your friends. We're going to start with something unique. The game attracts players by playing very new. Your task is to form a long connection with chickens of the same color. They will disappear when you connect successfully. Players will feel very happy and excited when participating in this game. The gameplay is very simple. Connect 3 or more boards of the same type to clear them.

Each time you connect, the number of turns will decrease. When the number of turns reaches 0, the game is over. There is a bomb to increase the turn if you connect a lot. You can save your skill meter by deleting chickens and your Fever meter by deleting chicks. Relax while playing Chick Chicken Connect online game at puzzle games. Start to feel a lot of those attractions when stepping into this game. You need to be focused to be able to quickly observe the chicks of the same color. You can use the money you earn while playing the game to level up and use items.

The number of moves and scores will increase as you level up. The game has many levels. You will play and pass many levels and become the best player. Attract a lot of the highlights of this game. The chicks of the same color will have to return to the coop together. You need to make an order. Test your eyesight when participating in some other games similar to Home Decor Memory and Word Search Simulator.

Instruction to play

Touch the screen to play.