Home Decor Memory

A beautiful home with lovely and beautiful items is always one of the interesting things that many people love. With Home Decor Memory at kizigames.games/puzzle, you can freely express your talents and decorate your home in any style you love. This is a type of puzzle game combined with house decoration. This game has many different levels and the difficulty level of each level will be significantly increased. On the screen, you will see many squares set up face down. Each square will contain a different image. Your task is to open each square and remember the object in each square.

Then you continue to flip the other squares so that they have 2 similar objects, animals or shapes. Home Decor Memory will only end each level when you flip all the same squares. You will have a fixed amount of time in each level, so you have to complete the missions before the time ends. After you have unlocked the easy levels, the fast levels will be unlocked. You need to focus carefully observe and memorize quickly to find the correct pieces. This game not only entertains you, but also helps you improve your ability to observe and remember objects in the fastest time. Are you ready to discover this amazing game?

Don't forget to invite more friends and have relaxing moments after a boring day. If you love this mind puzzle game, don't forget to participate in more fun games like Gummy Blocks and Among Memory Match. I am sure that you will find it extremely interesting and fun. This is a great opportunity for you to show off your talents and demonstrate your super memory abilities.

Instruction to play

You just need to use the mouse or touch the screen directly.