Elf Defence

The goblins are carrying an extremely important task that is to protect their lands. Join the game Elf Defence now so you can help. This is a free entertainment game that you can fully participate in your computer or mobile phone. Create goblins then link the same numbers to form a mighty goblin. Then put them on bases to protect this land. Obstacles will move down very crowded.

Control goblins that will shoot guns and destroy them quickly. Create the goblins as possible so as not to lose this land. Feel free to join the game with an extremely fun atmosphere. Shoot as many of your opponents to bring yourself some money. Use that money to create gargantuan demons.

Try to become the leader of this land. With a graphic design of the same color, the sound is fun. You will be addicted to the addictive game from the first time you join. If you are slow you will not have enough goblins to fight. You will be destroyed by evil forces. Create a powerful army of their no one can destroy.

All the fun things that are only in the game Elf Defence. Do not hesitate to share this game for your friends. Join your friends right now in the game to be able to give us the most ferocious goblins. If the game left you much impressed. Discover more and a few other similar fun games like Red Ball Forever and Rolling City 

Instruction to play

Using the mouse can create elves.