Big Farm

Big Farm is a free online farm game and you can be addictive right from the first time you join. How do you like it? This is an online game that you can play on your computer and mobile phone. When you go to the beginning of the first game create an account and start with your farm and will appear in a very beautiful garden with a lot of flowers and plants in your game.

The same interesting thing is that the village will grow and create its own beautiful farm with different varieties and varieties. Do you love it if you love this job? But to be able to accomplish this outstanding task, you also need to have an observation and skill in planting trees in a certain way, harvesting your friend's fruits when it is ripe and planting more plants new special. Every time you harvest them, you will give yourself the money and you can use this money to buy tools for your farm cultivation.

This agricultural world is extremely interesting, you will have to use your own time and try to run a large farm like a professional. Try to see the daily life of a farmer on the farm they will do and what challenges are difficult because you try yourself in this job if that is good invest some of your time to join. Invite your friends to join the game Big Farm free to enjoy the many interesting things. Why not join more games Love Pig  and Assotiation

Instruction to play

 use the mouse to play