Idle Miner Space Rush

Take a giant leap with your company and join the gold rush to the moon. Idle Miner Space Rush online game is a free online multiplayer mining game that everyone can enjoy. You will find passion in this game. We will be playing a new version of gold mining. The feeling of digging for gold on the moon will make everyone feel excited. A treasure on the moon will make many people ambitious. You will fulfill the requirements of this game very well. Go fast and use the ax to dig a lot of gold. You will see many players faster than you. You deserve to be the best character.

Try to get started and have a lot of fun when you join the online game Idle Miner Space Rush. You will discover a lot of new and unique playing techniques. You will gradually unlock the passages under the moon. Together we will feel a lot of difficulties, when moving to dead-end locations you need to turn back to move to another location and continue digging. You need to do this job well. Improve your agility and finesse.

You will discover a lot of amazing things. Mining gold on the moon doesn't sound right. But with this game, the moon is the richest place. The positions with a lot of gold are hidden deep below. Take full advantage. Besides you, many people are doing it. So be quick on the task. Sharpen your gold mining skills by playing some other games similar to Puzzle Blocks Ancient at

Instruction to play

Move around and mine the moons with your mouse.