Dashing Birds

The rocket is coming very fast at the sparrow. Can you help him out of this tribulation? Join now on the game Dashing Birds to experience. This is an online game and you can join for free to know your browsers without having to spend any money. There will be two birds and you will have to control the left and right to dodge the oncoming rockets. The missiles are rushing up from the bottom.

You need to react quickly to move the bird to another position to dodge this deadly obstacle. How long can you keep 2 birds safe? Let's focus and observe. Use your quick hands as much as possible to help keep these two birds safe in the sky. If you are just a little bit slow, you can cause your bird to be destroyed and will have to stop the game.

Have fun and enjoy the new things that the game brings to you. Do these sparrows bring you good luck? if you are smart you will not let them be attacked. Let's start adding with an interesting task post in the game Dashing Birds. Gives yourself the highest score to become a leader.

You should not keep the game for yourself but share it with your friends. And join your friends to join right now in the game to be able to relieve stress. Why don't you allow yourself to join fairies and some other interesting games Food Trucks Jigsaw and Animal Tower… 

Instruction to play

Use left and right arrow keys to be able to control two birds.