Pet Runner

Pet Runner is an online entertainment adventure game you can play for free in your computer and mobile browsers. Have you enjoyed a fun running race yet? If you have not had the opportunity, participating in the game will surely make you feel satisfied with what it brings. You will appear on a crowded street together. Your goal is to chase the bandit on this path.

Please jump on every obstacle. If the low car bends down. If the high obstacle jumps up high. Cars are a difficult thing for you. So you need to dodge them. If you crash you will have to start from the beginning. It will be very time-consuming. Take an adventure on a running path and collect gold coins. Unleash running with greatly fast speed. Jump on to feel the adventure from the vehicles. How much money can you earn yourself?

That depends on your skills. Quick reflexes when jumping to the left and right. Adventure safely on the path full of traps. Chase a thief at the end of the road to become the winner. Have fun with the challenges that the game Pet Runner brings. Would you like to discover more about the game? Don't forget to share interesting adventure games with your friends.

Join your friends now to get the chance to challenge the cute and cute cats on a beautiful street. What are you afraid of that do not allow yourself to participate more and a few other similar games like Rolling City and Elf Defence 

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys to be able to explore the game.