Fantasy Madness

Fantasy Madness – one of the best action-survival games that you have been waiting for a long time is finally available. Are you ready to dive into the World of Fantasy filled with monsters, orcs, witches, and so on? Here, your mission is to defeat evil forces and bring peace back to this land. Holding a magical stave in your hand, you can kill enemies who are closest to you. This magical stave auto-shoots at the nearest targets. All you need to do is to move around to avoid being attacked. You have a limited HP.

When you get hurt and lose HP, you can look for green mushrooms. This mushroom provides healing and it’s the best way to recover some HP in case you don’t have any healing skills. The blue mushrooms increase your moving speed. Different mushrooms give you different advantages. When you kill enemies, they will drop crystals. Collect as many crystals as you can to level up and earn new powers, so you can summon helpful allies such as llamas, bees, and butterflies, get deadly weapons, increase fire rate and attack rate, and more. You can even get a wild pig to ride.

This Y8y8y8 action game offers 2 available modes Elimination and Survival and Endless mode and CTM mode will come soon. You have a different target to achieve in each mode. For example in the Elimination mode, you have 7 quests waiting for you to complete while in the Survival mode, you have 20 minutes to kill as many monsters as possible. Over time, more and more orcs appear and you will soon find yourself surrounded by enemies. Try your best to keep yourself safe and survive as long as possible. Break a leg and discover more fun games such as Knight in Hell and World Of Fighters: Iron Fists.

Instruction to play

WASD or arrow keys to move, and Space to dodge.