Stickman That One Level

Welcome to a Stickman That One Level online game.This game spiderman is trying to escape again and again. Your stickman in the room with spikes, platform, golden key, stick, and door. Once again has been created as a sequel to the puzzle with the adventure of interesting guys from the developers. Go to the location of the lock and unlock it.

Spider-Man is trying to escape again. The prison won't let him escape! All this is waiting for you in the game Stickman That One Level! You will have a lot of surprises in this game. You will play and overcome many challenges. Do not feel any more agility. We'll start with the interesting ones. Play together and experience a lot of surprises. Ready to join the online game Stickman That One Level at You have a lot of levels to go through. 100 unique levels. 100 unique ways to win.

And the stickman rose from the dead. Whether your desire to escape from prison is successful or not all depends on your ingenuity. In the prison, there are many deadly obstacles. The gears are full of sharp spikes that can injure you. The only way to escape is to find yourself the key to open the door. But getting to that position requires you to be awake and overcome everything. We will be ready to experience many of them. Would you like to get started right now?

Enjoy the fun of joining this exciting game. You will have more new and more attractive feelings. We will conquer all those levels! If you want to test your agility, play some more games similar to Monster School - Roller Coaster & Parkour

Instruction to play

Arrow left and right to run. Up arrow to jump. Solve puzzles to complete the level.