Monster School - Roller Coaster & Parkour

The School of Monsters is home to a large number of students from various game Universes. They do, however, all enjoy amusement park rides and parkour. Today, you will help support them in practicing these sports activities in the wonderful new online game Monster School: Roller Coaster & Parkour. Monster High School. Assist Presented in fig . 4, Enderman, Herobrine, and others in finishing their training. This is a fun challenge. Minecraft's heroes had a fight within the exact same monster school!

Choosing a character to represent yourself, for example, Noob. You'll find him in the cave. He will sit in the trolley, which will be supported by rails. On command, he will rush along them, gradually increasing his speed. Your mission in the game at Kizi games is to ensure that your hero reaches the end of his route without going off the rails. Then your hero will engage in parkour. He will have to run along a specific path while avoiding various obstacles and traps.

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Instruction to play