Super Strong Hero

You are looking for an extremely new action game. The game Super Strong Hero will make you feel satisfied. This is a free online game that you can fully participate in your browsers. At the beginning of the game you will appear in the extremely large city. Unfortunately, this city is about to fall into the enemy's hands. Can you rescue the city?

First, go find your enemies and fight them. But your enemies appear extremely unexpected and very crowded. So you can destroy them is not a simple task. You should look around carefully and skillfully in your every move, nimble whenever you encounter a big enemy.

Punch hard to make them die, the more you kill the more enemies, the better your chances of becoming a winner and a superhero. If you are unlucky for the enemy to kill you, then your game will fail. How much longer can you live? It all depends on your wisdom. You can drive a car and destroy enemy vehicles. Try to complete your mission and save this vast city.

All these fascinating things are only in the game Super Strong Hero at It would be great if you introduced the game for your friends and invited your friends to join the game today for the chance to become a superhero of the era. If you like this game genre, you can challenge yourself to participate in some other similar games such as Halloween Magic Tiles and Trollface Quest: Horror 2

Instruction to play

Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to be able to move.