Tiny Farmer

Tiny Farmer is a fun management game about becoming a successful farmer which you can play with many players. You can develop your farm into something fantastic and build up a profitable business! The graphics are awesome and the gameplay easy follows. You must also manage your farm buildings and purchase upgrades and new items too. Can you manage the farm?

Here at kizi games for kids, start by planting some wheat on your old little farm. Once you have grown some plants you can start earning money to buy new features and expand your business. For example, you must plant crops and harvest them when they have grown sufficiently. Soon enough you will find yourself owning a big and successful farm full of animals and different kinds of vegetables to sell your goods. Follow the steps to learn how to manage your new farm and have fun with Tiny Farmer!

This game is chosen and relaxed by many online game players around the world in their free time. Share with your friends if they are also looking for a new game to relax in their free time. In addition, kizigames.games also update new games similar to this game such as Zombie Killing Spree and Miami Crime Simulator.

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to play