Soldier Cat Boy Escape

Discover all that's new and special in this multiplayer puzzle game. All that fun will be available in Soldier Cat Boy Escape online game at kizi online games. Get started now! Listen to the story of the lovely cat. A cat boy is living in a beautiful village. The cat soldier boy was very happy and beautiful to see. The cat soldier boy was suddenly trapped in a house for a day. You have to save the cat soldier boy from there.

To save the cat soldier boy from there, it will help you find all the hidden clues. All the masks are correctly hidden and the soldier cat boy got stuck there and you are happy to win the game. This game is designed to cure depression and thus bring all the fun and enjoyment. Good luck and happy!

Enjoy Soldier Cat Boy Escape online game now at free online kizi games. You will find it very fun and love it the first time you play it. Are you ready to explore the levels and lots of challenges while playing this game? We will enjoy new pleasures. Let's conquer the challenge! Claim your position. You will do very well in those tasks. Get started right away with amazing discoveries! Play together and perform a lot of interesting skills. You will be playing many matching games. Form a complete picture, puzzle logic numbers, colorful squares.... many surprises are waiting for you. Try to enjoy it now.

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Instruction to play

Instructions: Use the mouse to play.