Corona Conqueror

Use toilet rolls to shoot and kill all these evil Corona viruses. Are you ready for this exciting mission? I wish you have been experimenting with relaxing moments when coming to this game Corona Conqueror at Kizi arcade games. You will have rolls of toilet paper and a virus will appear. But they came out very suddenly and we quickly fell. You need to be very quick to be able to shoot toilet paper rolls upwards so that the virus goes far away. If you let a virus fall and you don't kill it, you will have to stop the game. Don't let this happen because it is terrible.

Join this game and bombard all these evil Corona viruses to save the world. How many viruses can you shoot? This depends on your skills. Fast observation and reflection is a necessity. You need to focus as long as you miss a bit and you will not have a chance to win when you come to this challenge. Show off your awesome skills when conquering challenges. Relieve fatigue with toilet paper rolls. A correct shot will help you bring high scores.

Enjoy more fun and games Corona Conqueror for you. Please share this game with your friends. Join your friends right now in the game so you can have fun together and kill the Corona virus. If these games leave you friendly. Join now a few other interesting game genres like Fun Monster Trucks Jigsaw and Free Robux Games Roblox Spin Wheel 

Instruction to play

Use mouse to be able to attack all viruses.