Crypto Head Ball

Volleyball is an exhilarating experience that really has captured the attention of millions of individuals all over the globe. Today, as in new and exciting game Crypto Head Ball at Kizi online games, you will take a trip to the land of monkeys to stay competitive in the first champion's league of this sport. Also on screen in front of you is a volleyball court with the a net in the midpoint. Your character will be found on one side of the site, and the attack will be located on other.

The ball will insert play when the signal has been issued. You are required to hit the ball and start chucking it to the opposing opponent's side so that it meets the court and your competitor cannot surpass it off. This way, you can score a goal but rather earn an argument. Keep in mind that the participant with the highest score goes on to win the match.

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Instruction to play

If you are on the mobile phone you just have to tap on the buttons to see what happens.

For keyboard players, W /UP Arrow Key -> Up/Jump A /Left Arrow Key -> Left D /Right Arrow Key -> Right S /Down Arrow key -> Down