Rise Up Xmas

Welcome to an exciting and refreshing game with Rise Up Xmas. Join now! Good luck! This is a free online game and you can fully participate in your computer and mobile phone. You will accompany the ball and a snowball. Your task in this game is to use the ball to be able to protect the snowball from obstacles. The snowball will move forward, there will be countless difficulties and challenges.

These could be obstacles in rows that hinder the path of the snowball. so you have to be quick, reflect fast to move the ball-tossing obstacles away so you can make the easiest path for the snowball. If you are unlucky to let the snowball touch the obstacles, you will have to stop the game and you will become a loser.

Let's move and the ball really fast and strong so that you can eliminate the difficulties out of the game. Later, the obstacles appear more and denser. So try to be as smart as you can in this game. Are you confident you will become a winning player?

I believe that as long as you have the skills you will surely surpass them all in the game Rise Up Xmas. Do you love this fascinating reflex game? Please share this game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today to have relaxing moments together. It's great if you experience yourself and some other similar reflex game-like Square Bird and Mr. Worm

Instruction to play

Use the mouse to be able to overcome the obstacles of the game.